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About Us

On the Spots Cuts is a full service barber service specializing in haircuts for men,women and boys. Our mission is to provide services that will enhance images and increase self-esteem. Our team consists of independent barbers who specialize in services ranging from trims, fades, crewcuts, and maintenance of dreadlocks. 


Jamal Arnold is a licensed barber and the co-founder of Student 2 Masters Barber School. He started his career as a barber in1999. As a graduate of Jett Barber College in 1999 and working for a number of years, he developed a passion for helping other aspiring barbers and wanted to change the culture. 


He and his wife,Shami, manage the barber shop and the school. 


As a seasoned entrepreneur, Arnold teaches new barbers the principles that he has learned so they can become masters. 


He shares these words of advice. 


“Gather as much information about barbering as they can, but also learn financial literacy and customer service.”

jamal and wife.jpg

Jamal and Shami Arnold (co-founders)

Photo Credit: Isaac Singleton 

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